Advance Nutratech Whey Isolate 29 G Protein Per 33 G 90 for Lean Muscle Powder – 2 Lb (Vanilla) Flavoured

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Malt is germinated cereal grains, dried out in the process of malting. Usually, barley is most commonly malted. It gives you a complete calorie-rich diet with glycogen and added amino acids for better body results. So it solves the purpose of gaining mass while also letting you continue having a healthy lifestyle. When all non-protein components, fats and carbohydrates are removed from defatted soy flour, we get soy protein isolate. Soy protein isolate has a minimum protein content of 90 percent, which is more than the amount required for mass muscle building. Vitamin a enhances the immune system, grows and repairs body tissues, forms stronger bones and lowers. Vitamin c is an anti-stress vitamin that prevents cells from toxic wastes and destroys 100 percent radicals at the cellular level. Vitamin d maintains system, enhances immunity and protects against muscle weakness. Vitamin e, a potent antioxidant, protects cell and stops cellular damage on the spot. Over 40 percent of NCAA athletes use monohydrate supplement. It adds to your body’s energy levels, especially during high-intensity short-term activities. Studies indicate that proper supplementation increases body mass by 1 – 2 kg in the first week of workout. To get the perfect creamy shake, add full cream milk with some cut pieces of bananas and ice cubes and blend it all in. You can opt for skimmed milk for a healthier choice or just go by what your instructor advise you to do.
Carbs – 70gms. Added sugar – nil fibre – 2gms glutamine 16gms
(Whey protein concentrate 70 percent and soya protein isolate, calcium caseinate) acesulfame-k gum xanthan
Contain permitted nature identical flavors and preservatives
A balanced blend of proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals

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