In case you exercise often, you probably want to make certain you’re getting the maximum out of it.
one essential benefit of exercising is gaining muscle and power. having a healthy amount of muscle lets you perform your satisfaction throughout the workout and each day’s existence.

three primary criteria have to be met for maximal muscle advantage: consuming extra calories than you burn, eating more protein than you ruin down, and exercising software that is challenging to your muscles.

while it’s feasible to fulfill this kind of criteria without taking dietary supplements, certain dietary supplements may help you meet your dreams.

the 6 supplements indexed under may additionally assist you to advantage extra muscle along with your exercising application.

Best protein powder in India for weight gain

What Protein powder is best?

1. Creatine

Creatine is a molecule that’s produced clearly on your frame. it affords strength to your muscle mass and other tissues. but, taking it as a dietary supplement can increase muscle creatine content by up to forty% past its regular stages.

this influences your muscle cells and workout overall performance, promoting muscle benefit. in fact, a big amount of research suggests creatine improves muscle power. this is good news if you’re looking to gain muscle. extra strength allows you to carry out higher for the duration of exercise, leading to larger increases in muscle tissue over the years.

creatine also can increase water content material to your muscle cells. this could reason your muscle cells to swell barely and produce signals for muscle boom. furthermore, this supplement may grow degrees of the hormones concerned in muscle boom, which include igf-1.

furthermore, a few research suggests that creatine should lower the breakdown of proteins for your muscle groups. normal, many researchers have studied creatine supplements and exercising, and one issue is apparent — creatine can assist increase muscle mass.

creatine has additionally been studied substantially and has an extremely good protection profile.
if you are seeking out a supplement that will help you gain muscle, recall creatine first.

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Muscle Asylum F9 Extreme Pre-Workout Energy Supplement

  • The Ultimate Pre-Workout Extreme Formula + Free Trial pack worth Rs.300 and 1 Company Brochure.
  • BUILD MUSCLE & STRENGTH – Formulated with a fully transparent label with no proprietary blends and innovative performance ingredients
  • ENERGY TO PERFORM – Formulated with 300mg Caffeine to support explosive energy and physical performance when you need it most
  • Which best protein powder –

Muscletech Essential Series

Platinum Creatine

  • Platinum 100% Creatine provides your muscles with the most clinically researched form of micronized creatine
  • Platinum 100% Creatine delivers creatine directly to your muscles – precisely where it needs to be to drive performance
  • There, creatine acts as a phosphate donor pool to hardworking muscles, allowing you to train harder, for longer. That means real gains in size and strength that can’t go unnoticed!
  • Platinum 100% creatine can be used by everyone, from active men and women to high-performance athletes, powerlifters, crossfitters, bodybuilders, endurance athletes, etc
  • Country of Origin: United States

Abbzorb Nutrition

Micronised Creatine Monohydrate

  • ✅UNADULTERATED AND FINEST CREATINE– Abbzorb Micronised Creatine Monohydrate is the most potent, unadulterated and finest creatine powder helps in improving strength, power and allows to gain lean muscle mass.
  • ✅REPLENISHES CREATINE STORE- One serving of Abbzorb Micronised Creatine Monohydrate delivers 3 grams of creatine and helps to replenish its store in the body.
  • ✅IMPROVES ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE- Regular supplementation of Abbzorb Micronised Creatine Monohydrate supports muscle gain, stamina and sprint performance.
  • ✅MEET YOUR DAILY GOALS- During high intensity workout, the recommended dose (1 serving daily) of Abbzorb Micronised Creatine Monohydrate is beneficial for protein synthesis and increases capacity to produce ATP energy.
  • ✅INSTANT MIX – Easy mix which can be consumed post work out with sports shake or juices.

M B Muscle Builder’s

The Wolf Pre-Workout

  • Unstoppable Energy with Increased Mental Focus
  • Whole-Body Muscle Pumps
  • Maximum Muscle Strength
  • Explosive Power
  • Anabolic Drive Boost Metabolism with Cellular Hydration


Creatine is probably the single satisfactory complement for muscle gain. many studies have shown that it may help boom muscle tissue.

2. Protein dietary supplements

Getting enough protein is essential for gaining muscle. especially, to benefit muscle, you want to eat extra protein then your body breaks down thru natural methods.

while it’s possible to get all of the protein you want from protein-wealthy meals, some people struggle to achieve this. if this sounds like you, you may want to recall taking a protein complement. there are numerous extraordinary protein dietary supplements to be had, but some of the most popular are whey, casein, and soy protein. different protein dietary supplements contain protein isolated from eggs, red meat, hen, or other assets.

research shows that including extra protein via dietary supplements causes a barely greater muscle advantage in folks that work out than adding extra carbs. however, the consequences are likely largest for folks who aren’t getting sufficient protein in their ordinary weight loss program.

in reality, some research shows that eating very excessive quantities of protein supplements doesn’t help increase muscle in case you are already following an excessive-protein eating regimen.

many humans surprise how plenty of protein to consume day by day. in case you are an energetic individual looking to benefit from muscle, zero.5–zero.9 grams of protein according to pound (1.2– grams in step with kg) of frame weight may be satisfactory.

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MuscleBlaze Whey Gold 100% Whey Protein Isolate

  • MuscleBlaze Whey Gold has been created using highest quality Whey from the United States and delivers 25g protein per 30g serving
  • Whey Isolate- with the highest PDCAA (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid) Score of 1- is the ONLY (100%) source of protein in MB Whey Gold ensuring highest-grade protein availability to the evolved bodybuilding consumer
  • Guaranteed Protein certificate from 3rd-party NABL-accredited Labs, with every unit available in the market, makes it the most authentic product in India
  • 11.75g EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) & 5.51g BCAAs in each serving for fast muscle recovery & growth make it the most impeccable protein powder supplement
  • 30g scoop (serving) to be mixed, shaken & consumed in 180-200ml water 1 to 2 times a day

GNC Pro Performance

100% Whey Protein

  • GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein delivers an ultra-high quality macronutrient protein formula with high amounts of naturally occurring amino acids the body needs every day
  • 100% Whey comprising of Whey concentrate and Whey Isolate
  • 55 Servings, with each serving delivering 24 grams of high-quality protein with all 9 essential amino acids
  • 5.5g of BCAA & Zero Added Sugar
  • Gluten Free, tastes great and mixes easily with a simple stir, shake or blend


Consuming sufficient protein is simply crucial for top-of-the-line muscle gain. however, in case you have become enough protein for your food regimen, taking a protein complement is not sensible.

3. Weight gainers

Weight gainers are supplements designed to without problems help you get greater calories and protein. they’re normally used by folks that battle to gain muscle.

some humans find it difficult to benefit muscle, even if eating big amounts of calories and lifting weights.
even though the calorie contents of weight gainer dietary supplements vary, it’s not uncommon for them to include over 1,000 calories per serving.

many humans assume that energy comes from protein since it’s so critical for muscle construction. but, most of the energy honestly comes from carbs. there are often 75–three hundred grams of carbs and 20–60 grams of protein in step with serving of these high-calorie supplements.

whilst these products will let you devour extra calories, it’s essential to comprehend that there is not anything magical approximately weight gainer supplements. a few research in physically inactive adults has shown that appreciably increasing calories can boom lean mass like a muscle, as long as you devour enough protein.
but, studies in adults who weight skilled indicated that ingesting a weight gainer complement may not be powerful for growing lean mass.

common, weight gainers are the most effective advocate if you are struggling to devour sufficient food and also you locate it simpler to drink a weight gainer shake than devour more actual meals.

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Strava Advance Muscle Mass High Protein Weight Gainer Supplement Powder

  • Advance MuscleMass Weight Gainer is a healthy way to gain weight and is suitable for both gym goers and people with sedentary life style (both male and female)
  • ✅The product delivers 300g of high quality carbo-hydrates equivalent to 1450 Kcal of energy per 6 servings (recommended daily dosage) along with 30.6g of high quality proteins
  • ✅ Whey protein Concetrate, the major ingredient also considered the most superior form of protein is the primary source of protein
  • ✅Consumers aiming for muscle gain should mix 1 scoop in 180-200 ml water and take 1-2 shakes per day.
  • ✅30.6 G Protein, 151.8 G Carbs (per 6 servings) and 21 Vitamins & Minerals. Suitable for Men and Women.


Mass Tech Perf Series

  • Designed For The Hardgainer
  • Build Mass And Strength
  • Subjects Gained 5 Times The Mass

GNC Pro Performance

Weight Gainer – 73g Protein

  • High-quality protein in a wellness formula.
  • Designed to digest and release varied intervals throughout the day to ensure your muscles get the amino acids they need.
  • BCAA present in the product helps reduce muscle breakdown during exercise.
  • Digestive Enzymes present in the product helps aid protein and carbohydrate breakdown, making this weight “gaining product”.


Weight gainers are excessive-calorie merchandise designed to assist you to eat greater calories and protein. but, they’re simplest recommended if you battle to get enough energy from food.

4. Beta-alanine

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that reduces fatigue and might boom exercise performance. beta-alanine may additionally help boom muscle mass if you are following an exercising program.

one takes a look at showed that taking 4 grams of beta-alanine in line with day for eight weeks increased lean frame mass more than a placebo in college wrestlers and football players. every other have a look at stated that including a beta-alanine complement to a six-week, high-intensity c language education program increased lean frame mass via approximately 1 pound (0. forty-five kg) more than a placebo.

whilst greater studies on beta-alanine and muscle benefit are needed, this supplement may additionally help aid muscle gain when mixed with a workout program.

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AS-IT-IS Nutrition Pure Beta-Alanine Powder

  • Increases Workout Capacity.
  • Reduces Muscle Fatigue
  • Tested for Purity
  • Quantity: 250 g

HealthyHey Sports

Beta-Alanine Powder for Endurance

  • Beta Alanine Powder for endurance
  • No added Artificial Colour or Flavour
  • White crystalline powder; Almost tasteless; Soluble in water.
  • Shelf Life 1.5 years
  • HealthyHey is Certified by WHO GMP, FSSC 22000, FSSAI & Halal.

Advance MuscleMass

Beta Alanine Amino acid supplement raw powder

  • ✅1 scoop servings provides you 2.3 g of Beta Alanine
  • ✅No preservative No flavour No color added
  • ✅Increase Carnosine level in body and thus increase body stamina to do more exercise
  • ✅Pre-workout drink, take 1 scoop in 100-150 mL water before workout only
  • ✅ATP booster

WILD BUCK Hyper Charge 

Pre-X4 Hardcore Pre-Workout Supplement

  • The WILD BUCK : Advanced Pre-workout formulation designed for Intense Energy, Maximum Focus, Amplified Pumps, Explosive Power, Support Cognitive Function, Enhances Mood, Expand Muscle Endurance and Help to Delay Fatigue
  • THE PERFECT BALANCE: The WILD BUCK Pre-workout is engineered to provide a perfect balance of Endurance, Strength, Focus and Energy. A direct blend provides no fillers and gives you the maximum advantage over the competition
  • STRENGTH & PUMPS: The WILD BUCK Pre-workout provides you the aid required to increase strength and muscles pumps allowing you to lift heavier, run further faster and surpass your regular physical performance
  • EXPLOSIVE ENERGY: The WILD BUCK Pre-workout gives you unsurpassed energy to fuel your workouts to achieve the next level with No Chance of crash
  • SUITABILITY: The WILD BUCK Pre-workout is engineered for all Atheletes, whether you are a track star, bodybuilder, high-performance athletes, powerlifters, crossfitters, or action sports athelete Pre-workout will fuel your body


Beta-alanine is an amino acid that can enhance workout overall performance. a few proofs show that it can additionally assist growth muscle tissue in response to exercise, but greater statistics is wanted.

5. Branched-chain amino acids

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAS) include three-person amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine.
they’re determined in most protein assets, especially the ones of an animal starting places like meat, fowl, eggs, dairy, and fish.

BCAAS are seriously crucial for muscle boom and make up approximately 14% of the amino acids on your muscles. pretty much everybody consumes BCAAS from food each day, however, it’s additionally very popular to take BCAAS as a supplement.

a small quantity of studies has shown that BCAAS may additionally enhance muscle gain or lessen muscle loss, in comparison to a placebo. however, other studies indicate that BCAAS might not produce extra muscle advantage in those following an exercise application.

it’s in all likelihood that BCAAS supplements may additionally only gain you if you aren’t consuming sufficient first-rate protein on your weight-reduction plan. even though they’ll be beneficial in case your weight loss program is insufficient, extra records are needed earlier than BCAAS are encouraged as a pass-to supplement for muscle benefit

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HealthyHey Sports BCAA Powder

  • Enhances muscle building and strength – leucine, isoleucine and valine play an essential role in muscle building because they help prevent protein catabolism.
  • These bcaas are also metabolized in skeletal muscle, which means your body is able to break them down quickly for energy, helping you perform better during your workout
  • Assists with muscle repair and recovery – bcaas are the key amino acids necessary to help rebuild lean muscle and reduce soreness after a workout
  • Fantastic flavor – choose from ten, great-tasting, sugar-free flavors that provide your body with proper hydration


Fuel One BCAA 2:1:1, Recovery and Endurance BCAA Powder

  • The new MB Fuel One BCAA 2:1:1 is an intra-workout drink that supports muscle recovery during workouts for fitness enthusiasts.
  • MB Fuel One BCAA 2:1:1 delivers the Branched Chain Amino Acids in the ratio 2:1:1 for L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine respectively
  • Each serving of MB Fuel One BCAA 2:1:1 delivers 2.5g of Leucine along with 1.25g each of Isoleucine and Valine
  • MB Fuel One BCAA 2:1:1 contains BCAAs from a vegan source compared to the commonly used animal source in other products
  • No Added Sugar eliminates the unnecessary calories from your diet

Scivation Xtend BCAAs


  • most advanced BCAA drink
  • sugar-free and carb-free
  • The taste is good


BCAA Pro with 7g Vegan BCAAs

  • MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro Two Flavour Pack gives you different flavour choices- Watermelon & Fruit Splash in one pack making your workouts more exciting.
  • With 7g of BCAAs in each serving, this intra-workout drink helps provide rich amino acids during workout to minimize catabolism
  • It creates an anabolic state in the body which results in longer workout durations and provides with L-Glutamine which accelerates the muscle recovery
  • Contains sodium and potassium as active electrolytes which keep you brimming with energy and prevents dehydration during intense workouts


Nutrition Real BCAA

  • Amino Acid Interfusion: 5g of 100% vegan micronized amino acids per serving
  • Muscle Recovery: Amino acids supports Muscle Recovery following exercise
  • Muscle Endurance: Push harder during training with the inclusion of BCAAs to the formula which can help take your performance to the next level
  • Supports Lean Muscle Mass: REAL BCAA intra-workout powder promotes muscle development and maintenance while supporting lean muscle mass and reducing muscle breakdown.
  • Convenient Powder Form: Real BCAA powder mixes easily with water and contains zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and zero grams of sugar.
  • Banned Substance Tested: Athletes can be assured it has undergone rigorous checks and testing to ensure that it is not contaminated with banned substances and is safe to use.
  • 0g calories per serving. For best results consume 4 scoops per day
  • Country of Origin: India


Branched-chain amino acids are vital for muscle boom. they’re determined in many foods, and it’s far uncertain if taking them as a compliment is useful while you already eat sufficient protein.

6. HMB

Beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate (HMB) is a molecule that’s produced when your frame tactics the amino acid leucine.

HMB is accountable for a number of the useful consequences of protein and leucine inside the diet.
it may be especially essential for decreasing the breakdown of muscle proteins. at the same time as HMB is produced obviously via your body, taking it as a complement allows for better tiers and may gain your muscular tissues.

several studies in formerly untrained adults have shown taking 3–6 grams of HMB in step with day can enhance the profits in lean body mass from weight education. but, different research suggests that comparable doses of HMB are in all likelihood no longer effective at growing muscular tissues in adults with weight education experience.

this may suggest that HMB is best for folks that have become begun with exercise or increasing the depth in their workouts.

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Pole Nutrition HMB 120 CAPSULES




  • HELPS BUILD LEAN MUSCLE MASS: The positive effects of HMB will become increasingly pronounced with the length of time you use it. We suggest that you take HMB 1000 as soon as you wake up in the morning, right before every workout and just before bed. Using this strategy will help optimize your results from training.
  • SUPPORTS MUSCLE TISSUE REPAIR AND RECOVERY: HMB (ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate) is a metabolite of the amino acid Leucine. It’s needed by the body to protect and repair muscle tissue.
  • IMPROVES MUSCLE STRENGTH AND PERFORMANCE: To help minimize muscle breakdown during training and directly support muscle tissue repair, one serving of HMB 1000 should always be taken prior to working out. The more intense you train, the greater the benefits of HMB will be.
  • INCREASES PROTEIN SYNTHESIS & REDUCES PROTEIN BREAKDOWN: Regular consumption of HMB slows down protein breakdown and improves protein synthesis. In athletes who engage in intense weight and resistance training this has numerous benefits: lean muscle gains, greater strength output, faster recovery and overall better response to training
  • HELPS PREVENT OVERTRAINING AND STAGNATION: HMB 1000 contains 1000mg of active ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate per serving. HMB 1000 works best when used daily and should be a staple in any athletes’ regimen.

Klr.Fit’s HMB 3000

Advanced Leucine Metabolite

  • 3000mg CaHMB & 480mg HMB per serving
  • Effectively Decreases Breakdown of Muscle Protein
  • Increases Muscle Mass & Strength Development
  • Supports Recovery, Strength & Endurance Performance
  • Reduces Muscle Damage & Soreness


HMB may additionally help grow muscle mass in folks who are beginning a weight schooling application, but it appears to be much less effective for those with education revel in.

Other best protein powder in India

Numerous different supplements declare to grow muscles. those include conjugated linoleic acid, testosterone boosters, glutamine, and carnitine.

However, the evidence is blended.

(CLA): CLA refers to a collection of omega-6 fatty acids that exert numerous outcomes in the body. research on CLA for muscle gain has produced blended effects, and it isn’t clear if it’s beneficial

Testosterone boosters: testosterone-boosting dietary supplements include

D-aspartic acid, Tribulus Terrestris, fenugreek, DHEA, and ashwagandha. it’s probably those compounds best gain those with low testosterone.

Glutamine and carnitine: those are probably

Not powerful at growing muscular tissues in younger or center-aged active people. however, studies have proven carnitine could have a few advantages for muscle tissues inside the elderly.


Many styles of supplements declare to increase muscle mass, however, there may be little proof that they may be effective for wholesome, lively people.


supplements can’t offer you maximal muscle profits in case your nutrition and exercising applications are lacking. to advantage muscle, you want to consume enough calories and protein, in addition to exercise, preferably with weights. once your nutrients and workout regimens take a look at, you can want to recollect dietary supplements.

creatine and protein dietary supplements are probably the simplest choices for muscle benefit, however other dietary supplements can be beneficial for positive humans.


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