DREXSPORT – Wild Whey – Organic, Grass-fed Whey Protein Powder for Men and Women – Blend of Whey Protein Isolate + Whey Protein Concentrate – 2Kg Chocolate

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(as of Jan 28,2022 00:10:35 UTC – Details)

Product Description

WILD WHEY made from the A2 milk of grass-fed “guernsey” cows.

It’s a scientific fact: happy, grass-fed cows produce better milk

Numerous studies show that happy grass-fed cows produce better milk containing incredibly potent nutrients your body will thank you for! That’s why we’ve combined the best whey extraction techniques and the happiest, most natural cow’s milk we could find to bring you wild whey. Our cows roam free, eating green grass from lush pastures every day and the whey protein they produce is the best.

Unique & powerful: WILD WHEY

This unique blend of whey protein is carefully and expertly designed to deliver superior performance & results naturally. Drexsport filed a patent for the unique formula combination of wild whey.

Better protein = better results. Improve your overall fitness by managing your healthy weight, building muscles, shedding extra body fat & boosting immunity with drexsport wild whey.

You will love the taste & quality for sure!

Wild whey has a naturally delicious chocolate taste, color, and smell without any artificial ingredients. You only get great-tasting, responsibly-sourced, and all-natural whey protein powder.

Drexsport powers your health naturally. We make wild whey honestly and responsibly with love. We strive to serve you fresh & quality products. We make no compromises on quality standards.

Let the nature power you naturally! Kick artificial, pick natural!

All-natural, 100% veg

Truly natural for sure as per lab reports; no chemicals detected; protein content and amino acids profile is also accurate. Anyone can verify our products and lab reports.

No artificial ingredients

No: artificial sweeteners or flavours or colours, pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics, preservative, toxins, or banned substances. Everything you want and nothing you don’t.

No junk, no adulteration

Zero: sugar or substitutes (maltodextrin), soy, corn, wheat, a1 milk, amino spiking, low-end or hidden ingredients, adulteration. Very low in carbs, lactose & fats.

Promise of happiness

Your happiness matters most to drexsport, we promise to practice honest business. Once you try drexsport, you will join our community of lifetime clients.

All-natural whey protein powder
All-natural muscle builder
25gm per serving (31gm)
23gm per serving (31gm)
Key ingredients
Organic whey protein isolate (15gm), organic whey protein concentrate (15gm)
Organic whey protein isolate (15gm), organic whey protein concentrate (12gm), creatine HCL (500mg), BCAA & L-glutamine (2000mg), withania (500mg)
Best for
Build & maintain muscles, weight management, well health & fitness
Muscle growth, muscle strength, muscle recovery, healthy testosterone
Suitable for
Men, women, beginners, teenagers, athletes, almost anyone!
Sports people, bodybuilders, weight lifters, fitness lovers, and all athletes

KEY INGREDIENTS: Blend of organic, grass-fed whey protein powder; including whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate; made without any artificial ingredients
DOSAGES: Consume 1 scoop within 20 minutes after your workout and with your breakfast; consume anytime when additional protein is needed; follow label instructions
QUANTITY AND FLAVOUR: Available in 1 kilogram (32 servings) and 2 kilogram (64 servings) jars; available in one of the world’s favourite flavours; delicious chocolate flavour
AUTHENTICATION: Branded red colour tape on the box; hologram on the label and seal cap verify authenticity; promise to provide 100 percent genuine and quality product

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