Ketofy – Mini Keto Snack Pack | 6 New Ultra Low Carb Snacks

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Product Description

Ketofy is the brand that is making Low Carb, Ultra Low Carb keto cookies and Ketogenic gourmet food products accessible to millions of people. Ketofy helps anyone to simply and naturally follow the Ketogenic Diet, LCHF Diet or a Low Carb Diet without having to change their existing dietary behaviour.

Lifestyle analysis supported by individual experiences show that Ketogenic Diets result in maintaining and managing health markers. These diets have been in common use for almost a century now and have also been the choice of masses. Ketogenic lifestyle is often adapted by people dealing with lifestyle health conditions,

Nourishing Ultra Low Carb Food Products

Nutritious Ketogenic Products

Ketofy Keto snacks are Ultra Low on Carbs but do not compromise on nutrition at all. Sugar free biscuit and cookies and biscuits are in-fact nutrition dense with the right balance of Healthy cookies Fats, enhanced amino profile Proteins along with micro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Most low carb and ketogenic products compromise a lot on essential nutrition in the name of reducing carbs. But carb reduction is not the sole aim of Ketofy. The human body needs proper nourishment and this the domain where Ketofy excels.

All Natural & No Additives

Chocolate cookies or keto biscuits do not add any artificial chemicals, isolates, preservatives, colors to our products. Also we stay away from using artificial extracts like Wheat Protein (also known as GLUTEN). Ultra low carb ingredients are extremely hard to work with since their binding is almost non-existent. Whenever we face difficulties in creating a keto products from these low binding ingredients, we choose to take the hard path of innovating our manufacturing techniques as opposed to choosing the easier path of adding artificial binders.

Great Taste in a Familiar Form

We don’t believe in telling people to change their dietary behaviour to reap benefits from the ultra low carb paradigm. With our Keto biscuits products, we strive towards creating products with the same taste and texture as what people are used to consuming. For e.g. Ketofy – Keto Ice-cream is intended to be as good as a normal ice-cream does (only available in our offline stores).

Why Ketofy

Ketofy products are created gluten free cookies from natural vegetarian ingredients in a way that they are completely Keto choco fudge cookies and snacks for weight loss snacks compliant and have been created considering all the vital clinical parameters. We don’t believe in creating gimmicky products or fad products. Many keto cookies ketofy and healthy snacks for weight loss low carb brands out there are complete gimmickry. Take note of ingredients while purchasing Ketogenic products and look out for ingredients like WHEAT PROTEIN (GLUTEN), ADDITIVES & PRESERVATIVES which have multiple ill-effects. Gluten free biscuits and cookies at Ketofy strictly refrain from using any of such ingredients. We are the Company that has created a complete pantry of Ketogenic Products including Keto Cooking Supplies, Keto Snacking Products, Keto Supplements & Nutraceuticals, Keto Dry Beverages (e.g. Coffee Pre-mix, Tea Pre-mix, Iced Tea etc.), Keto Condiments & Spices. Keto Bottled Beverages and Keto Fresh Meals.

Why Ketogenic or Ultra Low Carb Diet

A low-carb diet means that you eat fewer carbohydrates and a higher proportion of fat. Such diets go by different names such as low-carb-high-fat diet (LCHF), keto diet, Low carb diet paradigms allow you to eat clean food that is free from detrimental ingredients like Wheat Protein (Gluten) which have extreme inflammatory properties.

For decades we’ve been told that fat is detrimental to our health. Meanwhile low-fat “diet” products, often full of sugar, have flooded supermarket shelves. This has most likely been a major mistake, that coincided with the start of the weight gain epidemic. Studies now show that there’s no reason to fear natural healthy fats. This does not mean that you can eat bacon all day long. Fat is your friend (here’s why). On a low-carb diet, you can eat all the fat you need to feel satisfied and, instead, you minimize your intake of sugar and starches. Most people can eat delicious foods until they are satisfied – and still lose weight. This increases fat burning and makes you feel more satiated, reducing food intake and causing weight loss.

Indianised Keto Products : These products have been carefully curated to not only take care of your nutriotional Keto needs but also satisfy your craving of traditional snacks that one usually misses while on Ketogenic Diet.
100% Vegetarian, All Natural, Gluten Free, No Chemicals or No Artificial Compounds, No Artificial Flavors, No Added Sugar, No Added Preservatives or Colour.
Ketofy – Keto Snacks can be consumed as an evening snack with Keto Tea/Coffee or can be used in different Recipes like Keto Bhel, Keto Mini Pizza, Keto Pockets, Keto Samosa etc. for your keto diet plan.your keto diet plan.

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