MR KOOL Whey Protein 1 Kg Isolate 80% | Protein 24g & BCAA 5.5g | Gluten-Free | French Vanilla

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MR KOOL Whey Protein

How To Use: CHOOSE PREFERABLE TIME TO TAKE YOUR PROTEIN AS PER YOUR CONVENIENCE. Add 1 Serving (approx. 30g) of Whey Protein Powder in 200 ml to 240 ml Chilled Water or Cold Milk and shake it properly for 15-30 seconds in a Shaker.

START OF THE DAY>> During sleep, your body has gone without food for the whole night around 6-8 hours. Exercising in this fasted state will not support muscle growth. Go for whey protein due to the high BCAA content and consume it 30 minutes after waking up to enhance the muscle-building process.

PRE-WORKOUT>> Consume Protein 30 minutes before your workout to prime your body for muscle growth. Whey proteins are easily digestible and contain a far greater amount of leucine (one of the BCAAs) that is required to enhance the muscle-building process.

POST-WORKOUT>> It is highly recommended that an intense workout session leaves your muscle starved, making them absorb more protein compared to any other time of the day. For a fast-acting protein such as whey, be consumed immediately after exercising for rapid muscle-building support.

IN BETWEEN MEALS>> Whey protein can be consumed in between meals to meet your daily protein needs. In between meals it supports the muscle-building process and reduces body fat.
Protein Type: Whey Protein
Dietary Preference: Gluten Free
Usage As per Requirement

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