MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Isolate 90% | Protein 27g | BCAA 5.96g | Glutamic acid 4.7g Per Serving (Unflavored, 1 kg / 2.2 lb, 33 Servings)

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Product Description

MuscleBlaze MB Raw Whey Isolate 90%- Push your limits with the cleanest fuel

If you are looking forward to gaining lean muscles while cutting down on your calories, there is no better option than whey protein isolate. MB Raw Whey Isolate 90% is what you need to meet your goals. As pure as the driven snow, this product offers you whey protein isolate in its cleanest and purest form. Each serving of this whey protein supplement offers you pure and unsweetened whey protein isolate to fuel your bodybuilding. With each serving, you get 27g of protein.

This product also offers 5.96g of BCAAs to fuel muscle recovery and boost muscle protein synthesis to prevent muscle breakdown. The product comes without any added sugar and is ideal for all calorie-conscious fitness enthusiasts who want to gain a lean body. Every batch of the product comes protein tested by a 3rd party NABL accredited lab. Since it is flavorless, it offers you the flexibility of consumption. You can use it the way you want- whip it up in a chocolate shake or smoothie or make any fruit smoothie with it. You can also make protein pancakes or cakes with its help. It’s your ultimate source of muscle building fuel.

Product Features

Cleanest protein source

MB Raw Whey Isolate 90% is the purest and cleanest source of protein that you’ll find in the market today. It is free from any additivies, flavours, sweeteners, colouring agents or preservatives. Each serving of this product fuels you with premium quality whey protein isolate that helps with muscle building.

27g of power-packed protein

With each serving of MB Raw Whey Isolate 90%, you get 27g of pure and unsweetened whey protein isolate that helps you in gaining lean muscles and fuels your bodybuilding. It also helps in strengthening your muscles.

Nearly 6g of naturally occurring BCAAs

MB Raw Whey Isolate fuels you with nearly 6g of BCAAs per serving to boost muscle recovery and muscle protein synthesis. It helps in reducing the fatigue levels and restricts muscle breakdown. It also soothes muscle soreness and helps with muscle building.

Product Benefits

Consumption flexibility

Since MB Raw Whey Protein Isolate 90% is flavorless, you get to enjoy the flexibility of consumption. You can use it in various ways like whipping up a delicious and hitch protein smoothie using cocoa powder or fruits like banana, strawberries, etc. with it. You can also use it to make protein cakes or pancakes. It is ideal to be used as per your taste preferences.

Helps build a lean body

Whey protein isolate is helpful in putting on lean muscle mass. Since MB Raw Whey Isolate 90% is the purest and cleanest source of whey protein isolate and is devoid of any added sugars, it makes for a perfect pick for fitness enthusiasts trying to restrict their calorie intake to build a lean physique as the product is nothing but pure 90% protein.

2-layered authenticity mechanism

At MuscleBlaze, you safety is of utmost importance, and this is why each pack of MB Raw Whey Isolate 90% comes with a 2-layered authenticity mechanism. Each product batch has a protein test certificate from a 3rd party NABL accredited lab to ensure quality and safety standards available on the brand website. You can also verify your purchase via a unique authentication code that is pasted on the wad of each pack. SMS the code to the given number or enter it on the brand website to ensure that you have received the original product.

Raw Whey Isolate delivers whey isolate in its most natural and pure form, which is free from any additive, preservative, flavour, sweetener or any other external ingredient.
Each 30g serving of Raw Whey Isolate 90% delivers 27g of protein along with nearly 5.96g of naturally occurring BCAAs which promotes recovery post workout.
Raw Whey Isolate’s ingredient is sourced from the US and the product follows a 3rd party NABL certified protein test. The protein certificates for each batch and the authenticity of the product can be verified by the customer on the brand website of MuscleBlaze.
Raw Whey Isolate is an unflavoured product and thus might not taste great but has the greatest flavour flexibility. It can be used with any flavouring or in any shakes, protein bars, cakes etc. as per the taste profile of the customer

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