MyFitFuel EAA Plus Essential Amino Acids (1000 mg) -60 Capsules

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Product Description

Brand of Innovation, Trust and Quality

MyFitFuel is one of the largest producers of Sports Nutrition products in India. Souring from different countries, we aim to bring innovations which are personalized according to Indian needs. We aim to help individual achieve best of their fitness with our quality nutrition.

The brand believes in educating the customers with transparency; we never hide the ingredients and we also disclose the exact ratios of protein used in the products.

Pure Premium Essential Amino Acids

Pure Premium Essential Amino Acids for your Workout

The EAA capsule supplement is made with all the essential amino acids to help you in building strong muscles and completing your amino acid requirement. This essential amino also contains Vitamin B6 for added energy.

Essential Amino Acids which are not produced by our body.

Help your body to build & repair muscle tissue.

Daily amino acid maximizes your strength.

Fastens post workout recovery.

Stronger muscles help to increase overall endurance of body.

Also contains BCAA (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine).

Increases protein synthesis. No fillers, zero non-BCAA aminos, sugar-free.

Improves workout performance. Clean and pure powder. No fillers or additives.

Complete Amino Acids

The EAA supplementation offers a complete amino acid requirement, that is not produced by the body naturally. This product can be consumed by fitness enthusiasts to nourish their body with all the essential amino acids and proteins.

Enhances Muscle Growth

This capsule contains all the important amino acids that are required for muscle growth. It promotes the growth of skeletal muscles and prevents muscle breakdown. It also improves recovery after workout for maximum benefits.

Usage and Timings

This essential amino acids product is useful before, during, and soon after exercise as it gets absorbed quickly. Recommended serving of 3000mg can be consumed everyday day. Each capsule contains 1000mg and can be taken according to workout routines.

Improves Workout Performance

EAA (essential aminos) helps in increasing muscle endurance during intense training programs and workout sessions. It provides the necessary nutrition for your muscles to grow stronger, thereby increasing the overall body strength.

Prevents Muscle Breakdown

Muscles grow when the amount of protein available exceeds the protein that breaks down to release energy. EAA provides the required amino acids amount of protein to prevent muscle breakdown. Muscle gets stronger when overall breakdown of muscles reduces.

100% Transparency and Authenticity

TRANSPARENCY is the league we started.

100% Transparency – Ingredients are mentioned on the product with absolute transparency. It contains the exact amounts and proportions as listed. This product is developed with deep and scientific research to offer maximum benefits. We were first one to bring knowledge on Dry basis vs As is basis protein and 100% transparency in India in year 2013.

100% Authenticity – This Products can be verified for authenticity through given scratch label.


MFF Plant Pea Protein Isolate

MFF Whey Protein 80

MFF Micellar Casein

Advance MFF 100% Whey Protein


500g, 1Kg, 2Kg, 3Kg, 4Kg, 5Kg

500g, 1Kg, 2Kg, 3Kg, 4Kg, 5Kg

500g, 1Kg, 2Kg, 3Kg, 4Kg, 5Kg

500g, 1Kg, 2Kg, 3Kg, 4Kg, 5Kg


Plant Pea Protein

Whey Protein Concentrate

Micellar Casein (Slow Release Protein)

Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate

Protein Per Serve:-

28g (As is basis)

24.3g (As is basis)

25.6g (As is basis)

26.5g (As is basis)











Multi Vitamins & Minerals:-















Glutamic Acid :-





Combination of essential amino acids helps in muscle repair and growth
It is trusted by 1,00,000+ happy people
Tighten the cap properly and keep the product in dry place. Avoid using wet scoops and spoons

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