Nutrabay Pure 100% Whey Protein Concentrate , Raw Whey – Unflavoured, 1kg

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Nutrabay Whey Protein Concentrate

Nutrabay Pure Series Whey Protein Concentrate is the ideal supplement for beginners as well as advanced level bodybuilders and athletes. It is the most versatile product as it is completely unflavored. This makes it perfect for smoothies, baking as well as food items like oats or cereal. The biggest advantage with Nutrabay Whey Protein Concentrate is that it is completely free from any fillers. Therefore, it is very safe to consume.


Nutrabay Whey Protein Concentrate is specially formulated to help you achieve your fitness goals faster. Some of the primary benefits of this supplement are:

It contains no fillers: Nutrabay Protein is, undoubtedly, the safest supplement as it contains no fillers. This unique formula is free from added sugar, artificial color, artificial flavour, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. It is also 100% free from steroids and does not contain any amino acid spiking. This makes it the ideal supplement for beginners and competitive bodybuilders alike. It is also safe on your digestive system and is completely tested for purity of all ingredients used in it.
Helps in faster muscle recovery: The most important nutrients for muscle recovery are amino acids. They are used to fuel your workout and must be replenished faster to ensure that your muscles are recovered faster. Nutrabay protein is loaded with amino acids including BCAAs, essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. BCAAs and EAAs help the muscles instantly to repair wear and tear. This is essential to prevent muscle soreness after an intense training session.
Prevents catabolic muscle loss: Whey protein concentrates deliver protein to your muscles for a longer time. They are digested slower than whey isolates. With every serving (30g) of Nutrabay Pure Series whey protein concentrate, you get 23.4g of protein which gives you sustained nutrition. As a result, your muscles do not breakdown easily. This helps build more volume and even enhances the recovery process considerably.
Keeps you energised: With the pure whey concentrates in Nutrabay Pure Series whey protein, you have a regular source of nutrients for your muscles. This helps keep you at your peak in terms of your physical activity. It also contains amino acids like L-arginine that help improve blood circulation in your body. Better blood circulation means that your muscles get better nutrient and oxygen supply for more energy. As a result, you are able to endure long training hours very easily.

No added sugar, no added artificial sweetener
No added preservatives
No amino spiking, no amino spiking
No added artificial colour, no added artificial flavour
Country of Origin: India

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