NutroActive Keto Atta (1g Net Carb Per Roti ) Extremely Low Carb Flour – 500 gm

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Product Description

NutroActive is driven by passion for good health. One must eat healthy food and lead an active life, and that’s why our tagline says” Eat Healthy Get Active”. All our food products are developed to provide maximum nutritional benefits to help you maintain a balanced diet and lead a healthy life.

Our mission is to educate and inspire people to take self-control of their health using appropriate food and nutrition so that they can live a healthy and active life. We at NutroActive believe that healthy food is the only way to lead a healthy & happy life. We are constantly working on developing healthy low carb, high protein, gluten-free, vegan, keto diet, and many other diet products in order to provide more and more healthy and tasty options to the people of India. Our products are 100% natural made with healthy ingredients.

NutroActive have been awarded as the Best Keto Products in India 2019.

Nutritional Value Supported By FSSAI Certified Laboratory Report

The nutritional value of NutroActive Keto Atta is supported by FSSAI certified laboratory Report. The scanned copy of the laboratory report is attached with the listing images on the left hand top corner of this page. The claim that the product contains 5% net carb is backed by a laboratory report. However as Keto Diet has become very popular these days, lot of keto products have mushroomed in the market with false and misleading nutritional value.

While on Keto Diet or Low Carbs Diet, it is very important to choose the right product with right nutritional value because if the net carbs per day does not remain within the limit, the very purpose of doing the Keto Diet will fail and you will be thrown out of Ketosis. Therefore always ask for FSSAI certified Laboratory Report before believing the nutritional value written on the product.

1 gm Net Carb per Roti

Keto Diet – Fastest way to Lose weight

Today Keto Diet is considered to be a fastest and healthiest way to reduce weight across the globe. Taking the Indian scenario following Keto Diet or low carbs diet becomes difficult in the absence of chapatti. However with the help of NutroActive Keto Atta, following Keto Diet has become very easy as now you can not only have chapatti but also lots of other dishes like stuffed paratha, poori, chilla, pan cake, cake etc.

Have lots of vegetables and salads with anything made with Keto Atta to lose weight fast.

NutroActive Keto Flour

Almond Flour

Coconut Flour

Flax Seed Flour

Soya Flour

Total Carb












Net Carb


















Key Points

5% Net Carb

NutroActive keto Atta is extremely low in carbs and is a rich vegetarian source of high fat and protein. While on keto people have to give up chapatti, paratha because of the high carb content. But this flour has been created with just 5% net carb content so that people can easily follow keto by eating their normal chapatti without any guilt.

Dry Fruits Atta

NutroActive Keto Atta is purely made from dry fruits and other high quality ingredients. Whether you are a low carb dieter or just want some healthy options in your meal, this will meet all your fat and protein needs instantly. It is specially crafted for people on keto diet that will help to curb the cravings for chapattis in the meals.

Easy to Make Chapatti

NutroActive keto Atta chapatti is easy to prepare. Take lukewarm water to knead the dough. Please remember this atta takes more water and more kneading than normal atta. After making soft dough keep it aside for 10 mint before rolling chapattis. Adding keto atta chapattis in your daily meals will help you to limit your overall carb intake and also boost your energy levels.

Taste Great

Now you don’t have to compromise on taste even if you are on diet. NutroActive comes up with healthy and delicious option of keto Atta that will leave you satisfied beyond your expectations. It is 100% vegan with no added preservatives or colour. You can add it to your favourite shakes & smoothies or mix it into pancakes & other baked goods to enhance the flavour.

Keto Atta Recipies

Keto Stuffed Parantha

Make a soft dough using warm water and keep it aside for 10 mint.Grate raddish. Add ajwain, chopped coriander, garam masala, chilli powder and salt.Roll two chapatti. Fill the stuffing in between.Prepare stuffed parantha on medium flame. Serve hot!!!

Keto Ajwain Pooris

Take Nutroactive Keto Atta in a bowl.Add ajwain, pink salt and 1 tbsp oil.Knead the dough of desired consistency and set aside for 5 mint.Heat oil in a kadhai and deep fry the pooris from both sides.Serve hot!!!

Keto Vegetable Pakora

Take chopped cabbage, onion, tomato, peas, capsicum in a bowl.Add cream, tomato ketchup and prepare the stuffing.Make soft dough using NutroActive Keto Atta.Roll in round shape and fill the stuffing.Fold it from all ends and deep fry in the oil till golden brown.Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

Keto Atta Cake

Take 150g NutroActive Keto Atta in a bowl.Beat 2 eggs. Combine Atta and eggs and Mix well.Add 4-5 tbsp desi ghee, ½ tbsp keto sugar and ½ tsp baking powder.Add milk to get smooth batter.Grease the cake mould. Pour the batter and microwave for about 4-5 mint.Enjoy Delicious Keto Atta Cake!!!

1 gm NET CARB PER ROTI :— Gone are those days when Keto Diet used to be tough and almost impossible for pure vegetarians. With NutroActive Keto Flour, Keto Diet is not less than a cake walk. Chapatti made from this Keto Atta contains just 1 gm net carb per roti, which makes it one of the best Keto foods.
LOWER CARB THAN ALMOND FLOUR: —– NutroActive Keto Atta contains less carb than pure Almond Flour which is considered to be the main ingredient in Keto Diet. Pure Almond Flour contains 10% net carbs and NutroActive Keto Flour contains just half i.e. 5% net carb.
EASY TO MAKE CHAPATTI :–– It is very easy to prepare dough and chapatti using NutroActive Keto Atta as compared to other Keto flours available or homemade keto flours. Prepare soft dough using warm water repeatedly till you get a soft dough and let the dough sit for 10 mins before rolling chapatti.
TASTE GREAT :—– Chapatti made from NutroActive Keto Atta tastes great as it is made from healthy & tasty ingredients like almond flour, flax seed, coconut, peanuts etc. It can be used for making chapattis, puri, paratha, kulcha, katchori, cake, cookies etc. Store it in refrigerator to enhance its shelf life.

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