OSOAA Pro 100% Whey Concentrate (Unflavoured) – 1 Kg For Men And Women with Vitamin C, D & Zinc | 26g Protein, 6.7g BCAA | 29 Serving

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Product Description

Osoaa Pro Series Whey Protein Concentrate packed with immunity boosting vitamins and minerals, a formula enhanced with ultra-filtered whey protein that contains all 13 essential amino acids which act as building blocks for muscle protein synthesis that can also help to kick-start your recovery process when taken before and after exercise. A composition of Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D that can help boost your immunity and also help you to attain the required nutritional goals that you aim for.- Unflavoured(1 kg)

High Protein Content

Natural Whey Protein contains high protein content [24.5g protein per 35g serving] that helps in building lean muscle, boosting muscle recovery and promotes protein synthesis.

Essential nutrients

Osoaa whey protein concentrates each serving[34g] comes with 24g protein, 19g EAAs, 6.2g BCAAs, 4.5g Glutamine, 127 calories with no artificial growth hormones added.

Immunity Booster

Supplement with each serving contains Vitamin C(20 mg), Zinc(6 mg) and Vitamin D(5mcg) that can help in boosting immunity also ensuring maximum recovery rate.

Muscle building

Osoaa Whey Protein helps to promote lean muscle mass as it is enhanced with all 13 essential amino acids that help muscle growth.

Healthy Weight Loss

Osoaa Whey Protein ingredients helps in promoting healthy weight loss by replacing other sources of calories with Whey Protein Concentrate along with strength training.

Taste and Flavour

Osoaa Whey protein concentrate is formulated to have good taste and flavour that you can add with any beverages like milkshake, smoothies etc.

Shakes or Desserts

Osoaa Whey Protein concentrate can be added into any beverages such as water, smoothie, milk, yogurt etc. and can also be added into desserts like cake or cookie mixture to make them protein rich.

Storage & Dosage Instructions

Add 1 heaped scoop of powder (34g) with 240ml of water or any other beverage twice daily most importantly before workout.

Store in cool dry place once package is opened.

Essential nutrients: osoaa whey protein concentrate’s each serving [34g] comes with 26g protein, 20.7g EAAs, 6.7g BCAAs, 5g glutamine, 130 calories, with no artificial growth hormone [rBST] that ensures you with the purest whey, maximizes the recovery rate and grows muscle beyond your previous limits. Along with this it has added vitamin c(20mg), zinc(6mg) and vitamin d(5mcg) to boost immunity.
Promotes muscle building: it helps build lean muscle mass as it comes with all 13 essential amino acids which enhance protein synthesis and lead to the growth of muscle.
Boosts immune system and healthy weight loss: osoaa pro series whey protein concentrate helps to modulate immune functions by boosting glutathione production in various tissues that helps in lowering blood pressure and protects your body from a variety of diseases. It also has added vitamin c(20mg), zinc(6mg) and vitamin d(5mcg) to boost immunity. It also ensures you with weight loss if you replace other meals with it along with strength training.
Proven results for better performance: formulated with the natural premium quality whey, osoaa pro series whey protein concentrate has met all the strict standards with an advanced filtration system that gently processes whey to prevent the protein structure from becoming denatured and to prevent nutrient loss.; Package Content: 1 Pro 100% Whey Concentrate Unflavoured; Item Form: Powder; Color: Black & White; Quantity: 1 Kg (29 Serving)

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