RITS HEALTHCARE Bodyplus 100% Whey Protein Concentrate (Unflavoured)




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RITS Whey Protein Has Been Shown To: Build Muscle Mass Lower Blood Pressure Speed Recovery Time Boost Immunity Act As A Prebiotic To Feed The Healthy Micro Flora In Your Intestines Vita Bodyplus’s Whey Protein Provides Amino Acids (The Building Blocks For Proteins) And Lipids (Fats) That Your Body Can Readily Absorb.

So If You Generally Have Trouble Digesting Milk, You Can Probably Digest Whey Protein Without Any Problems.

Most Whey Proteins On The Market Are Isolates, Ion Exchange And Hydrolyzed Formulas. These Whey Proteins Are Made Using High Heat, Chemical And Ph Regulation That Is Part Of The Cheese Manufacturing Process.

It Is This Process That Damages Or Denatures The Whey Protein. Vita Bodyplus’S Whey Protein Is A Concentrate, Which Is Non-Denatured (Undamaged And Not Part Of The Cheese Manufacturing Process).

This Makes Vita Bodyplus A Complete Protein That Provides A Balance Of All The Essential Amino Acids. Since Vita Body Plus’S Protein Structure Has Not Been Altered, Your Body Can Readily Use All Of Its Beneficial Components For Improved Health And Increased Vitality.

How Vita Bodyplus Helps? Burn Fat And Build Muscle: What You Eat Before You Work Out Helps Determine What Your Body Burns As Fuel During Exercise; If You Take Vita Bodyplus Before You Exercise, You Will Increase Glucose Oxidation And Decrease Lipid Oxidation, Meaning That Your Body Burns Sugar, But Not Fat, For Energy.

On The Other Hand, If You Consume Vita Bodyplus Before You Exercise, Your Body Will Maintain Fat-Burning And Increase Protein Oxidation.

More Specifically, If Your Weight Increases, The Weight Gain Would Come From Increased Muscle Mass, But Not Body Fat. Serotonin : Serotonin Is The Neurotransmitter Responsible For Many Psychological And Physiological Functions, Including Appetite Control. A Low Level Of Serotonin Might Lead To Poor Appetite Control.
32 Gm protein per servings
Non GMO product
Speed Recovery Time
Helps to build lean muscle,enhances recovery and reduces muscle loss

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