SANTULYA Organic Turmeric + Tulsi + Moringa Herbal Tea for Detox & Immunity || 25 Tea Bags

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Product Description

Blend of nourishing herbs of Ayurveda

Santulya contains one of the most powerful herbs of Ayurveda. It contains Tulsi, Turmeric, Ginger, Moringa & Hibiscus. All the ingredients help our body by multiple ways. it is a healthy & herbal supplement and a tonic for our body.

Sourced Directly from farmers

The Ingredients used in Santulya are sourced from small farming families across India. Small farmers earn a better income by growing these ingredients along with making environment chemical free. It not only improve their livelihood but promote sustainability.

100% Organic Ingredients

The Entire value chain of Santulya from farms to processing unit is certified organic as per global organic standards. Every batch of Santulya is checked for harmful residues, heavy metal & microbial contamination. We are certified organic as per USDA national organic program.


Holy Basil or Tulsi Leaves (ocimum sanctum) and Turmeric (curcumin longa) contains natural elements that show anti-oxidizing, adaptogenic and anti inflammatory properties which helps to detox the body, reduce stress levels & increase our internal immunity.


Moringa (moringa oliefera) leaves are one of the best sources of essential nutrients for our body. It contains vitamins, proteins and minerals that are necessary nutritional requirements of our body.

Ginger (zingiber officinale) roots balance metabolism of our body and helps in burning extra fat. Hibiscus (hibiscus sabdarifa) flower petals provide a great flavour and naturally enhances the taste of the infusion.

Everyday Balanced Life!

Santulya promotes a balanced life. It provides nutrients, energy and healing powers to the human body which are essential to balance the body and to regain our true self. It has been developed by harnessing the potential of organically grown ancient Ayurvedic herbs which provides necessary nutrients and anti-oxidants for a Everyday balanced life.

Boosts immunity, provides necessary nutrients to our body
Powerful Ayurvedic herbs. Moringa | Tulsi | Turmeric | Ginger | Hibiscus.
Tulsi and turmeric are known anti oxidants and help detoxify our body. Moringa is packed with multi vitamins and nutrients.

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