TrueBasics Iron and Folic Acid, With AB Fortis, Rosehip Extracts, Lycopene, 30 capsules

Price: ₹ 549.00 - ₹ 465.00
(as of Oct 21,2021 03:00:51 UTC – Details)

Weakness: Iron is vital for hemoglobin formation which transports oxygen to cells and tissues for energy production. Low hemoglobin levels may result in low muscle strength and increased fatigue. High concentration of Iron in AB-Fortis contributes to hemoglobin synthesis that may help improve physical work capacity and weakness.
Cognition: Iron is critical for maintenance of the high metabolic and energetic requirements of brain cells; changes in iron homeostasis may affect cognitive function. Iron supplementation maintains iron homeostasis; thus, helps improve brain cell function.
Immune activity: Iron is a fundamental element for immune system development and its deficiency affects the immune response. An iron supplement helps improve immunity by inducing the proliferation and maturation of lymphocytes (immune cells).
Patient compliance: Gastrointestinal (GI) side effects and metallic taste are often associated with oral iron supplementation that leads to poor patients compliance. Microencapsulated iron of AB-Fortis is produced by a patented process which does not cause GI side effects and metallic taste.

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