Unived Pea Protein Isolate with Natural Digestive Enzymes, 100% Vegan & Plant-Based, BCAAs, Amino Acid, Lean Muscle Development, Non-GMO & Sugar-Free, Natural (Vanilla 15 Servings)

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The organic pea protein we use is non-gmo, hypoallergenic and certified organic. And there are absolutely no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and emulsifiers. That is why we recommend that you use a blender for better mixability! You can also bake or make delicious smoothies with each flavour available. It’s diabetic friendly too! A complete organic vegan protein for muscle repair & maintenance organic pea protein is a rich source of bcaas (leucine, isoleucine and valine) which are of particular interest to athletes. Each serving of unived organic pea protein delivers 4.54g natural occurring bcaas – to ensure that your workouts are optimally energised, and that your body’s resources are effectively utilized towards the goal of building lean muscle mass & muscle thickness like whey protein. With 30gm protein per serving, the organic pea protein that we use is derived from high quality non-gmo yellow peas packed with all essential amino acids. It is rich in arginine, glutamine, leucine, and lysine, benefiting in tissue, bone, muscle, and antibody development. Pea protein has a high pdcass score of 0.93, superior to that of common vegetables with 80% protein content in each servingunived organic pea protein has been formulated with key digestive enzymes to be more than a vegan protein supplement to build lean muscle – it is a scientific nutritional tool to complete your endurance training arsenal. Easily digested & absorbed with natural digestive enzymes. We have added natural digestive enzymes such as acid protease, neutral protease, alkaline protease, papain, and amylase. As a completely organic plant based protein, our pea protein has an extremely high digestibility of 98%, making it a rich source of highly bio-available and easily accessible amino acids. As an ‘intermediate-fast’ protein, pea protein is quickly assimilated by the body for protein synthesis, while ensuring that the muscles get a consistent and prolonged supply of amino acids.
4545mg BCAAs: It is rich in arginine, glutamine, leucine, and lysine, benefiting in tissue, bone, muscle, and antibody development.
NATURAL DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: A scientifically formulated blend of pea protein isolate with acid protease, neutral protease, alkaline protease, papain, and amylase to make sure your protein is broken down into amino acids and it is available to your body for absorption.
NON-GMO & NO ADDED SUGAR: Our product is non-gmo, no added sugar, dairy-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, soy-free, artificial sweetener-free, emulsifier-free, artificial colour-free, and is safe for long-term consumption.
FOR EVERYONE: Unived’s unique protein formulations can be used by people of all ages across varied lifestyles. Everyone from athletes, homemakers, students, working professionals, and the elderly can safely consume our proteins to address protein deficiencies and encourage lean muscle development & prevent muscle breakdown.

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