VAHDAM – Chamomile Green Tea with Mint & Citrus | 15 Chamomile Green Tea Bags | USDA Certified Organic Chamomile Tea

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Product Description

Revolutionize Tea Time with Vahdam’s BETTER TEA BAGS!

A perfect symphony of Garden-fresh loose-leaf teas with the unmatched convenience of Pyramid-shaped Nylon Tea Bags.

Vahdam presents to you its exquisite collection of Loose-Leaf Tea Bags collection! We pride ourselves in sourcing some of the most premium, garden-fresh teas from the choicest tea plantations in India. Now experience the joy of brewing yourself a cup of your favorite Vahdam’s loose-leaf tea in a jiffy with our impressive Pyramid-shaped Nylon Tea Bags meant for a single-serve. Thanks to the Pyramid shape, it allows more room for the loose leaves to unfurl and to offer you a rich brew, every single time. Made of high-grade Nylon, these tea bags do not tear up and brews a large cup. Experience the unmatched freshness of superior grade loose-leaf teas, against other tea bags which contain tea dust.

This Tea can be used to make excellent Hot Tea or a Cold Tea.

For Enjoying this as a cold beverage,Let the hot water to cool down, and add 2-3 cubes of Ice to enjoy it as a Iced Tea

All the ingredients which are used in making VAHDAM’s Tea bags has 100% Natural Ingredients in it. All the ingredients are sourced from different different states of the country and are checked by our Master Blenders before they are been mixed with the Teas. Also, all the ingredients sourced are of the freshest quality which is available and thus, this all adds to the aroma and taste of the teas which are been packed in the pyramid shaped Nylon Tea Bags.

A deep sense of calm and rejuvenation in this unique, sprightly cup of green tea. With uplifting floral and fresh citrusy notes, this green tea blend is one of our most prized offerings.A generous dose of buoyant chamomile flowers, fresh peppermint, mixed with joyous, citrusy tones of lemongrass and orange peels. Indulge in this cup with fragrant and fresh vegetal flavors that brings together the alleviating powers of chamomile and the freshness of mint. Truly admired by connoiseurs and tea lovers around the globe!


1% of our revenue is directed towards the education of our tea workers’ children in India.

Every parent wishes for their progeny to have a better life than theirs.

VAHDAM Teas simple wishes to honor this aspiration.


Vahdam Teas have been shipped to 80+ countries across the globe and we are just beginning now

Established by a 4th generation tea entrepreneur with a heritage of 80 years in this industry.

It’s vision is to create the world’s first VERTICALLY INTEGRATED global tea brand & disrupt the 200 year old supply chain of tea.

BENEFITS – Chamomile Tea is rich in anti oxidants which makes it best weight loss tea or daily detox tea . Chamomile has also sleep inducing properties due to its characteristic aroma which makes it a best bedtime green tea
AROMA & TASTE – Fresh and pure green tea blended with bouyant chamomile, mint, and citrusy notes of Lemongrass.
VAHDAM ASSURANCE – Most Green teas available in the market are mixed with synthetic flavoured oils to provide artificial taste,flavour and aroma. Vahdam assures 0% artificial flavour or aromatic oil addition in its product range. 100% REFUND in case our Green tea is not to your liking
About VAHDAM – VAHDAM is a new age brand that brings range of Green,White,Black,Oolong & Herbal teas direct from Tea estate to you so that taste flavour aroma of the tea is retained to its natural best

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